Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Guitar Resources: Gear, Theory, Technique, and Lore

I took up the guitar at age 50 and my greatest fear was that I would not reach critical mass before flaming out. Yes, motivation goes a long way when you start out on the guitar. However, at some point, you need to see a rate of improvement that keeps you motivated. It is sort of like a feedback loop: if you can see measurable improvement towards your goals, it keeps stoking up the motivation. I used a “knowledge is power” approach to mitigating that fear.

After reviewing my first few posts to this site, I already see that I am using common guitar terminology that someone just starting out will not know. I recall remarking to a fried of mine when starting out “hey, it sounds different when you move this switch.” I got this blank stare until he realized what I really was saying is I get different tones when the pickup selector is on bridge, neck, or both. Since he was an experienced guitarist, it never occurred to him someone would not know that.

To rectify this, in the next few posts I will recommend four categories of resources; gear, theory, technique, and guitar lore, which will help you utilize the “knowledge is power” approach to advancing your own progress.


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