Friday, January 4, 2008

Guitar Lessons: A Great Investment Anytime

Some of my earliest posts on this blog outlined how valuable finding a good instructor was to meeting my goal of maximum results in minimum time. This is more universal than just for someone wanting to make up for a late start it turns out.

I had asked a friend of mine who has played guitar for 25 years and is still active in well paying gigs to review my blog for authenticity. The last thing I want is for anything in a post to steer someone wrong in their efforts; so I like to gather feedback. Seems he read these thoroughly as he has gone back to take some lessons!

He felt trapped in a Pentatonic box and wanted to improve his improvisational skills both for rock as well as jazz. Two lessons into it he is already reporting an overall improvement in his playing; definitely a good return on the time and money invested.

Although I am gratified that someone read my post the main excitement I feel is that this confirms my belief that there is always something new to learn in this hobby and lessons are a great way to achieve maximum results in minimum time.


Desmond said...

When i was younger, i actually thought of picking up guitar but i guess i procrastinated too much. I even bought a guitar but the interest died off somehow. Maybe its time to turn my store upside down to find the old guitar and start doing some strumming on it :)

Glenn said...

You don't know how true value come from great instruction (and sometimes any instructions).
I grew up around musicians so when I decided to learn the guitar at 35, I decided I was smart enough to teach myself. I spent close to 10 years struggling with everything. Sure I learned some chords but that's about it.
About 3 years ago, I got smart and got a teacher and actual progress started to be made. I still don't consider myself a proficient guitar player but I know a lot and am learning more. If I didn't have things (like family and such) that got in the way of practicing more, I'd be a lot better at it.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I tried for a little bit at first to go it on my own without success. I really needed someone in person up front to show the way. I tried clicking on your names to reply but I seem to have template issues. Will attempt to resolve.

Desmond said...

Hi glenn,

Totally agree with you. Learning really requires someone better to coach you. Unless you're someone talented which i am not unfortunately..

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