Saturday, January 26, 2008

How Expensive is Guitar Gear Addiction?

One of my favorite sayings about guitar gear is “How many guitars does one guitarist need; just one more.” Unfortunately, my family members do not appreciate the expense associated with this adage. My counter to this has been that this hobby it is not that expensive because the value of the gear does not drop. Now that I’ve owned guitars for more than two years I thought I should see if this is true.

I researched three guitars on, Guitar Center, eBay, and Craigslist:
· 2004 Les Paul Special Ebony Faded
· 2004 Fender American Stratocaster Sunburst
· 2006 Les Paul Standard 1958 Vintage Original Spec

It turns out I am $150 to the good on my 2004 Les Paul Special. On the other hand, I’ve lost $250 on my 2004 Sunburst Fender American Stratocaster and at a break even on my 2006 Les Paul 1958 Custom Shop VOS model.

So, over two years of fun for a net cost of $100. Well, I should consider the sales tax too. And, there's the matter of the money expended not earning interest somewhere else.... Well, it still sounds good.

At least as far as hobbies go this is much better performance than gear for my past hobbies such as motorcycling, skiing, model railroading, etc, etc. That stuff plummets in value as soon as you plop down the cash.

I’ll take this kind of value any day!


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