Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ceiling Fans as a Guitar Aging Technique

I wrote a recent post on using strap locks on your guitar to avoid unintentional aging. Now I know that ceiling fans are another aging source to take into account.

I have set up a quick launch practice rig in a dedicated corner in my house. I was slinging my strap lock equipped guitar over my head and wham! For a second I thought this was an invitation to sell my soul for guitar skills as in the Robert Johnson legend, but no. It was just the headstock of my guitar getting beat up by the blades of the ceiling fan above my head.

Although unintentional, it did leave random markings on the headstock that could have come from use on a nationwide tour or a frat party gig. Best of all, it was still playable. So, for those interested in the art of making a guitar look like a veteran of years of touring, this might be a technique to try. For everyone else, take note of the location of any ceiling fans you may have in your practice area.

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