Saturday, February 2, 2008

Guitar of the Week: Godin LGX-SA

I have a co-worker that buys a lot of guitars. One day he came walking in with a Godin synth guitar pictured at left. Godin is a large Canadian maker who has popularized integrated synth access as well as a hybrid mix of electric and acoustic voicing.

The company was founded in Canada by Robert Godin in the early 1980s. The focus of their Synth Access line of guitars is to integrate the guitar/synth combination directly into the guitar design so as to deliver excellent tracking without the need to attach hardware to your existing guitar.

The LGX-SA pictured features the built in bridge transducer along with a 13-pin output that is matched with the Roland GR Series guitar synths. It also features an acoustic transducer output along with Seymour Duncan Custom Humbuckers and standard output. The image at right shows the outputs as pictured in the owner's manual.

These models feature a mahogany neck and body with figured maple tops. It uses an ebony neck along with bracing, scale length, and string tension which improves synth tracking.


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