Saturday, February 23, 2008

Guitar of the Week: Reverend Charger 290

Man, that’s cool looking. Given I think this every time I see a guitar from Reverend Guitars that is more than enough reason for an article. One especially retro looking and affordable (always a great feature) model is the Reverend Charger 290; Guitar Boomer’s guitar of the week.

Reverend Musical Instruments was founded in 1996 by guitar and amplifier technician Joe Naylor, a graduate of the Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery. The unorthodox construction methods and retro looking styles derive from a design philosophy focused on individuality amidst a “…sea of clones.”

The Charger 290 is from Reverend’s Stage King series and according to Guitar Player Magazine, “…sounds like a muscle car that Mopar would have cooked up in the late ‘60s.” Some of the coolness factor for me comes from use of the retro soap bar style P-90 pickups along with the gold top and Telecaster style knobs. It evokes famous guitars but has a style all its own.

Coolness counts for a lot. Coolness along with great playability and tone at an affordable price counts for a lot more. Check out all the models at

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Gary said...

Wow this is one sweet axe. I like the Zen simplicity. I'm beginning to appreciate that concept, more and more, as I grow older and Ah hmmmmm, I digress. While retro is fun to see and play, Zen simple retro is the best of all.
Thanks for shairing this one. Great catch.
Cheers, Gary

Anonymous said...

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