Thursday, February 21, 2008

Guitars as Home Décor: Check out Wall Brackets

Reality based home improvement programming on cable runs the gamut from removing excessive clutter to transforming rooms on a shoestring decorating budget. I took a cue from these shows and used guitar wall brackets to reduce clutter as well as transform my hobby room.

In my house I have artistic hegemony over one room (other than a variance allowing a Jimi Hendrix live at Fillmore East poster in the bedroom). Once I began the guitar hobby and adopted gear addiction I ended up with a collection of floor stands, guitars leaning against the wall, or inside their cases on the floor. This created clutter in my one room domain. Enter the guitar wall bracket!

You simply attach these brackets to the wall and hang up your guitar. I use “Off The Wall” brand brackets available at zZounds and Guitar Center. These are sturdy, look great, and the material does not react with the finish on your guitar. The only criticism I can come up with is the included screws are not long enough if you are going directly into wall studs.

Once these went up on the wall I gained all my floor space back. But, the real advantage of wall brackets is décor. Guitars are works of art so what better art to put on the wall as a transformational decorating approach? Plus, these things are inexpensive so it also fits the concept of transformation on a shoestring budget. Thank you, home improvement shows!

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Anonymous said...

I am using a Boss micro BR recorder and OSP Ear Phones, Buds, which are awesome. I'm looking for software that will run on my old Viao. Like 3 years old. Which is ancient apparently. The years pass quickly at my age, 61 and a half. See George Carlin.

I can actually do the whole thing on the BR, but it's not as easy as it says it is. It's only 2 lines of visual. You need to take lots of notes on where things are and where they start and stop. In the manual they even give you forms to accomplish that task. A nice visual program would be much easier. My problem is money and memory.

I love Guitar Boomer and so does my Band, Gimpy Gary and the Gomers. I guess you should know I'm, what ya call, Handicapped. The benefit is a parking tag. But might as well have fun with it. It's amazing how many people are like, "Look at the guy playing guitar and drums in a wheel chair". I can't stop laughing. Goat Peter, it's a miracle.

Just as an aside I got my new OSP Drum set from e-Bay today. The bonus ear bud set was like $85 with shipping and sounds like nothing I've heard before. So clean and clear. The Drum set is like a roland with fewer sounds and better drum heads. the symbols are the same as the Yamaha ones. I can't tell the difference.

But that's not Bass stuff.

Thanks for all you do. Your an inspiration to me.
Cheers, Gary

VintageP said...


Here is an open source sound editor you can download free of charge. I've seen a lot of favorable comments about it.

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