Wednesday, February 6, 2008

How to Discover New Music; Check Out Music on NPR®

I have been a loyal National Public Radio® listener and supporter since college. One of the favorite characterizations I hear about this demographic is “The NPR Crowd”. It is meant to invoke an image of staid academic types smelling of wool, mothballs, and cedar chests. For us actual listeners it is our inside joke when we congregate at fund raising events sponsored by our local stations. However, NPR Music, now in beta shows that the "NPR Crowd" is a lot cooler than you might think.

The site is organized around multiple options to discover new music starting with the “Discover Songs” menu item as well as a “Discover Songs” widget on the home page. The tabbed interface categorizes content by Rock/Pop/Folk, Classical (this is Public Radio after all), Jazz & Blues, World, and Urban. There is streaming media, live concerts on demand, and interviews, all of which helps you find something new and interesting to listen to today.

So, join the “NPR Crowd” and be cool; no mothballs required!

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Rhea said...

Since a friend of mine gave me an old iPod she didn't need I have been looking around for good ways to find new music. Thanks for this info.

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