Thursday, February 14, 2008

Music Promotion by Chocolate

I’ve written a variety of posts about ways to discover new music. It appears buying chocolates for Valentine’s Day is one I missed.

Page One of the Wall Street Journal reports today that a 30 second track of singer songwriter David Martin is featured in Whitman’s chocolates (an embedded chip in the traditional heart shaped box) sold exclusively at Walgreens drugstores. For $9.99 you get a box of 12 chocolates, 30 seconds of David Martin’s song “Something in Your Eyes”, and a free download of the song “the year’s most romantic”.

This is really a twofer for those last minute shoppers as you can buy something for that significant other plus experience a new approach to music marketing. This is actually a clever approach given digital technology has eroded the intrinsic value of the music itself. The music in this case will help sell more chocolates and the added publicity will potentially boost David Martin’s career. Everybody wins except those trying to reduce their use of chocolate!

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