Monday, March 24, 2008

Do Baby Boomers Really Need Permission to Learn the Guitar?

I did a brief interview about Guitar Boomer on the Growing Bolder radio show. One of the comments was that it was great that aging people had permission to take up new interests and be successful. I didn’t know how to take that at first until I realized it is about permission from within.

What happened with me was that hitting age 50 was a noticeable aging milestone because of AARP eligibility. While I was happy to join a new club (exploring life at 50 and beyond) I felt like I was no longer eligible for my current club (everyone not clearly defined as ‘old’). This was a bummer given nothing about my attitude and preferences had changed. Instead of learning the guitar which I had wanted to do for years I felt like society expected me to take up water aerobics instead.

In reality it turned out the expectations were in my head rather than societal. While everyone seems to care about what Britney Spears does next, society could care less about someone deciding to start rocking in their 50s.

The bottom line is that if you’ve never played an instrument or haven’t for many years you may experience some angst. However, your angst need not have an age component to it. Once you overcome that attitude you are no different than anyone else wanting to make music. Just view it as a way to obtain dual membership in both the "not yet old" and "50s and beyond" clubs.

Remember; you have your permission to rock out!


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Anonymous said...

First, thanks for You Rock Radio.

Next, I'm 61 5/6 and I have earned the right to do what ever I please when I please. Who came up with the Idea that we need permission to do anything that's not illegal, and I don't thin playing music is illegal yet, except in schools in Florida.

I had a neighbour, I live in one of those retirement parks where we live on top of each other, come over the other day and say they were having trouble hearing me play. I'm thinking I'm gunna get a complaint about playing to loud or playing really bad, but it turns out they really wanted to hear me play. I checked around a little to make sure I wasn't bothering anyone, and got the same request, Play Louder so we can hear.

People like music in general and by god I've earned the right to play it. Evenly badly, long as I'm havin fun and so are others.

Sure we don't have the right to disterbe others but that's what headphones are for.

Rock or blues on, even you 50 year olds.
By the way you can join AARP at 45 now.
Cheers Gary (GuitarGomer)

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