Friday, March 14, 2008

Guitar of the Week: Parker Fly

Back in 1992 luthier Ken Parker did an X-Men type thing and created an evolutionary leap with the Parker Fly. Luckily, this Mutant was for good and is Guitar Boomer’s Guitar of the Week.

Ken Parker has repaired and built guitars for 25 years. He poured all of his knowledge working with thousands of guitarists into a design whose features were completely original to the Fly. His unique contributions included features such as a flat spring vibrato with built in piezo-electric pickups along with standard magnetic pickups (a first in 1992), lightweight resonant wood body strengthened with composites, and a totally unique shape.

All this tone potential is controlled with three-way magnetic pickup selection with push-pull coil tap as well as custom Fishman piezo-electric pickups and stereo voltage-doubled pre-amp. This provides guitarists with an extreme acoustic and electric range out of one instrument. The use of lightweight woods strengthened with composite fibers means this guitar weighs in at a svelte 5 pounds.

If you want everything in one guitar that stands out from the crowd, you need to try out the Parker Fly.


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