Friday, March 7, 2008

Jimmy Page Limited Edition Sculpture Arrives!

A month or two ago I was bemoaning the rain check I received in my Christmas stocking instead of the anticipated Jimmy Page Limited Edition Sculpture. I’m happy to announce that #0183 out of 3,000 finally arrived and is now brightening up my man room.

There is minor assembly required; you have to glue the sculpture’s feet to the base and then glue the hand holding the violin bow to his upraised arm. Thankfully, directions plus a vial of super glue are provided. Once I had Jimmy assembled I decided to quiz my kids on rock history.

“Who is this?” I ask
“Jimmy Page” they answer
“What band did he lead?”
“No idea” they say
“How do you know who he is?”
“We don’t, you’ve just been talking incessantly about your Jimmy Page statue and when will it get here”

So much for rock history being taught in the schools.


Anonymous said...

That's why we home school.

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