Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Guitar Amp Repair Part Two

I recently wrote about problems with my Marshall DSL 401, which led to a trip to my local amp doctor. When I received the call that the amp was ready for pickup I eagerly rushed out to give it a test.

The diagnosis was bad soldering (three connections not soldered) and bias out of adjustment (way out). I again learned about the difference between single and double sided circuit boards and hand soldering (a big issue with this amp tech). I plugged it in, warmed it up, and the magic is back!

The clean channel was crystal again and fattened up nicely as I turned up the gain. Playing with the gain and volume knobs on the overdrive channel yields great crunch and sustain; all the things that caused me to buy the amp in the first place.

The moral of the story for those of us who cannot put out $2,500 plus for a hand wired amp is get to know a good amp tech!

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