Thursday, May 8, 2008

Interesting Experience Nets a "Free" Ibanez Bass

You know the legend where someone stumbles upon a vintage Corvette sitting in a barn somewhere that was only driven to church on Sundays and you pick it up for a song? A reader sent this in and I thought it would be of interest:

Yesterday I was in my local pawn shop checking out the guitars in stock and asked the music "expert" there if they had any guitars that might need repairs that they might be willing to sell cheap. He responded that he had a bass that had the head broken off, they shipped it to an on line customer and it had a bad day. It turned out to be a 2001 vintage Ibanez EDB 600. They sold for about $400 to $500 back then. I asked him what he wanted for it and he said make me an offer. I said $10 just for laughs and he said make it $20 and it's yours. I hauled out my debit card and got the bass, Gig bag and Peavey Leather strap for the agreed price. The bag and strap were worth $30 so the bass was essentially free. 40+ years of woodworking and furniture making has taught me to use glue and clamps and the neck is now drying. I'll touch up the paint and for the cost of a set of strings I have a really nice bass, to sell or play. It's worth asking for what you don't see. I would recommend checking out these places as in this time of economic disaster, many such instruments are available. I've never seen so many nice guitars for sale, really cheap. Amps and effects as well. I would recommend that you visit your local pawn shop, as they are anxious to sell now.

Cheers, Gary

Man, I think I'm going to visit my local pawn shop!

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