Friday, June 20, 2008

Moog Guitar Debuts Tonight in Music City

I ran across an article in the local paper this morning about a showcase hosted by the National Association of Music Merchants at 3rd & Lindsley, one of Nashville’s local music venues. My interest in this was that it was something happening locally. But then I started reading up on it and it's more than just another synth guitar.

Of course, me like anyone else of a certain age remembers the advent of the Moog synthesizer and the impact it had on the music of the day. This is the first guitar from the Asheville, North Carolina company that bears the Moog name. What makes the guitar unique is its sustain and muting features. This guitar can provide unlimited sustain that even Nigel Tufnel would appreciate and it can mute strings automatically.

Nashville award-winning guitarist Kenny Vaughn along with Fareed Haque, lead player for Garaj Mahal will be demoing the guitar tonight at its official debut. For those that can’t attend in person take a look here.

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