Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Consignment – Another Approach to Guitar Aging

There’s a policy in my household that if you buy something new you need to get rid of something old (or new as long as it is something). This is to prevent us from being invited to one of those “Clean House” type reality shows on cable. I reached a point where this had to apply to guitars and I learned that consignment can be a guitar aging technique.

I have a relatively small guitar collection but a collection nonetheless and they hang in a small bonus room that has reached its reasonable capacity. Then, I ended up taking in a stray guitar and one of the others had to go. I decided putting one on consignment would be an interesting experiment.

I’ve used the “investment” argument with my bride to rationalize buying guitars and it took about 5 minutes setting a price at my local guitar shop to blow holes in that theory. Still, I went ahead but did not set the price low enough where a sale was guaranteed. As time went by I started missing this guitar and after a 60 day period decided it was time to retrieve it.

After some artful rearrangement of wall space and the addition of another wall hanger I restored the guitar to its space. But, although the serial number was the same, it seemed to be a different guitar. For one thing, people that play guitars in guitar shops do not seem to have clean hands. But, after a quick cleaning treatment it still had a much different and more interesting personality than before I sent it off for adoption and now is one of my favorites to play.

If you decide to use this “aging” approach, remember not to set the price too low. A down economy also helps!

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