Friday, May 15, 2009

Depressurize With Music

I was sitting around the house bumming out about the unfairness of advancing age and having to go on blood pressure medicine after my last physical. Then, I hear a story on CNN in the background; The power of music: It’s a real heart opener. Not enough music is a lot better explanation than stressing out about the economy, eating too much of the wrong kind of foods, and limited exercise!

Seems the worse the economy gets the more stress and work are involved keeping up and the less guitar time I’ve been getting. The work of research cardiologist Dr. Mike Miller indicates I need to be getting more guitar time in. Playing music and even listening to it causes the inner lining of your blood vessels to relax and produce chemicals that protect the heart. He is also of the belief that music can be so relaxing that it can slow down the aging process; wow, prolong treatment (extending life span) is not just science fiction! One thing to keep in mind though is variety because you do not get the blood vessel benefit playing or listening to the same thing repeatedly. 

More guitar playing is now part of my therapy along with the proverbial diet and exercise thing you hear on the pharmaceutical commercials. On the variety front, a neighbor introduced me to the music of Joe Bonamassa. Download of his latest album on iTunes introduced me to Albert Cummings and I am off to the races listening to new stuff! I have heard of stranger therapies; if more guitar playing helps me maintain healthy blood pressure without a prescription I’m there!

If all else fails this “therapy” still has its advantages; “can you turn your volume down?” - “no honey, I’m doing therapy right now.”


I am the Band said...

If only I'd known sooner... I'm gonna go plug in my guitar, crank up the volume on my amp and start practicing more.

This new research could also explain why my bp is so much lower after a calf-burning 40 minute walk... I listen to a variety of music when I workout, and I do so loudly enough that the neighbors can also realize these same relaxing benefits :)

Speaking of neighbors, I wonder how they'll benefit when I get back to regular drumming practice :) Perhaps I should charge them some sort of good-health-benefit fee.

Great article, by the way.

VintageP said...

Great idea! I could write about the benefits of second hand music!

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