Sunday, August 2, 2009

Age Made Golf History at Turnberry, What Age Makes Music History?

I was on the edge of my seat rooting for Tom Watkins to make golf history by winning the British Open. Alas, one putt short...or one too many I guess. Still, it would have been great to be there. This got me to thinking about what age boundary would constitute music history.

Could history in the world of music be made by the oldest guitar player to tour 270 days in a row, with the occasional bar fight thrown in? Maybe the oldest person who can play as fast as Al Di Meola? None of these measures seem as clear cut as that Sunday at Turnberry. How about that old faithful, money?

I looked up tour receipts for 2008 and it turns out Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet tour was the highest grossing North American tour of the year at $105.3M. Bruce Springsteen, Neil Diamond, and Tina Turner were all in the top 10 and well into Tom Watkins’ territory (talking age now rather than money) and beyond. It seems the music world has not yet come upon its Turnberry moment when acts like this can be in the top 10 with little fanfare about age boundaries.

Hmm, looks like Bruce Springsteen is coming to town; I didn’t make it to Turnberry, but maybe I can attend this little slice of history.


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